handful of recent and tragic accidents have raised the question of who else — in addition to the driver — is responsible when an intoxicated person causes an accident that results in the injury or death of others.

Police investigators want to know where 22-year-old Rebecca Benson had been before she got in her car early Wednesday and drove south in the northbound lanes of Interstate 65. Benson, who police believe was drunk, collided head-on with Steffanie Leonard, 29. Leonard died. Her family will bury her today.

Benson has been charged with vehicular homicide. Anyone who sold her alcohol also could face legal problems of their own.

“Where she was prior to the crash is an important element of the investigation,” Metropolitan Nashville Police Department spokesman Don Aaron said of Benson. “We are not 100 percent sure of where she was. We have strong suspicions, but those are not confirmed.”